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Wise Heart Young Adult Retreat is a contemplative and playful retreat based in Buddhism for people ages 19-30+. This engaging program combines the elements of a formal retreat — meditation, contemplation, Buddhist teachings — with the fun of art, games, nature, body movement and engaging discussions with peers. Join us in exploring how mindfulness can help us create an inner sense of calm and develop loving kindness towards ourselves and others. Together we will learn experientially how the cultivation of authenticity, kindness and wisdom can lead to deep happiness.

For general background information and to find out about a typical day at Wise Heart YA Retreat, check out our FAQ.

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about this retreat; it has transformed the way I live my life. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone!” – 2015 WHYAR participant

This Year’s Theme is…

Crazy World, Calm Mind

July 13th – July 16th

While the world on the outside can at times feel overwhelming and distressing, through mindfulness and other techniques, we can learn to access our inner calm in the storm. Over centuries, Buddhism has refined meditation methods which probe the nature of the mind and promote positive states of mind, including compassion.

This year’s teacher, Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi, tells us:

“In my work with students, I have noticed that their most pressing concern is how to deal with their disturbing emotions, which of course is at the core of Buddhist thought and practice. In these times of uncertainty … the tools from Buddhism and Western psychology for dealing with our disturbing emotions are more urgently needed than ever.”

Join us this year and learn how to calm your mind and reconnect with what makes you truly happy.

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