Wise Heart Teen Camp is ‘taking a pause’ for 2018. We’re excited to have this opportunity to take the event through a re-visioning process as well as to recruit new instructors to join our stellar team. We look forward to sharing the fruits of this process with you all when we relaunch Wise Heart Teen Camp.

We welcome you

Wise Heart Teen Camp provides teens with a safe space where it’s possible to: experience trust, respect and connection; relax into sharing feelings, concerns and insights; learn Buddhist principles, practices and techniques; catch a glimpse of the “basic goodness” each one of us already possesses.

The organizers of Wise Heart Teen Camp are deeply aware of the competitive, fast-paced, often stressful (and sometimes toxic) environment today’s teenagers are growing up in. The teen years are a time when so much wonderful potential can find expression, but this is also a sensitive time of transition. Our modern culture sometimes fails to support young people through this important life stage. Wise Heart Teen Camp seeks to fill this gap.

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